Dear Customers,

As of January 19, 2015 UPS have changed to dimensional weight (box size) instead weight in pounds. Because we send fairly lightweight items in comparatively large boxes, we are being penalized for the size of our boxes on a dimensional weight basis, so shipping prices have increased dramatically. Thus, we are forced to eliminate UPS as an option from our shipping choices. We will be using USPS or FedEx (for heavy shipments) for your shipping needs. All shipments will be fully insured with tracking information. We will be able to ship to P.O. boxes as well.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER: When you choose a mail category, such as Priority Mail, it does not necessarily mean that the item will arrive in the time frame mentioned. For example, if you order a custom winter cape and choose Priority Mail, the cape will not arrive in 2-3 days. First it has to be made, which takes 2 weeks, and then it will take 2-3 days to ship from San Diego, in spite of the category chosen. This applies to most of our products especially capes, pants, shorts which need to be made the time the order is placed. If you need to know how long it will take for an item to ship, look in the section where it says "AVAILABILITY", it will say something like "Usually Ships in 4 Weeks".

Best Buddy Necktie
Price: $18.00
Denim or Twill Sitter Pant Wheelchair Jeans Easy Access Clothing for People with Disabilities Side Zippers Go Down Mid Calf Adaptive Clothing Wheelchair Apparel
Hangin' Out Bag
Price: $48.00