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Denim - Custom Sitter / Wheelchair Jeans
Denim Sitter Pant Wheelchair Jeans Easy Access Clothing People with Disabilities Side Zippers Go Down Mid Calf Adaptive

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We do not accept unsolicited pants. For more information, please read the description below.

Additional options are located in the "Description" section below.

Availability:: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks
Product Code: 610D-613D

Pant & Short Options

Waist Size*:

Inseam Measurement*:
Enter Inseam length in inches.

Hip Measurement*:
Enter Hip measurement in inches.
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Part #811 [$5]:
Reverse Pant Fly [$5.00](No returns)

Part #815 [$5]:
Add Drawstring [$5.00](No returns)

Part #816 [$3]:
Widen Lower Legs [$3.00](No returns)

Part #817 [$3]:
Narrow Lower Legs [$3.00](No returns)

Part #818 [$12]:
Lower Leg Zippers [$12.00](No returns)

Part #825 [$7]:
Lower The Front 1.5" [$7.00](No returns)

Part #810 [$4]:
Stitch Open The Back Seam [$4.00](Returns allowed)

Part #812 [$15]:
Side Zippers Fake Fly [$15.00](Returns allowed)

Part #813 [$5]:
Add Belt Loops [$5.00](Returns allowed)

Part #814 [$3]:
Add Pull Loops [$3.00](Returns allowed)

Part #819A [$7]:
Add Pocket 11" Down from Waist - Left Leg [$7.00](Returns allowed)

Part #819B [$7]:
Add Pocket 11" Down from Waist - Right Leg [$7.00](Returns allowed)

Part #819C [$7]:
Add Pocket 5" Above Hem - Left Leg [$7.00](Returns allowed)

Part #819D [$7]:
Add Pocket 5" Above Hem - Right Leg [$7.00](Returns allowed)

Description How to Measure for Pants & Shorts


We do not accept unsolicited pants. If you send us your pants to be copied, we will donate them to Goodwill. We do not copy pants. We only manufacture pants. Copying requires about a $200 investment on our part with a designer/pattern maker. It is not free to copy pants. Our seamstresses manufacture from our patterns, but they don't create.

Non-returnable pants include:

A pant that has been laundered or that is not in good condition (has a stain, looks worn, a tear, or is full of pet hair).
A pant with an adjusted waist (i.e. a 34" pattern with a custom 38" waist) plus any another customization, such as pockets, lower leg zippers, etc...
A pant with at least one of the 8 custom items that can’t be returned or exchanged listed to the right.

Do you sit for most of the day? Do your pants ride down in the back? Sitter pants are much more comfortable for chair users! We have been making them for 16 years. They are cut higher in the back and lower in the front so they don't hit the ribs in front, or ride down in back. We offer the most moderately priced sitter pants on the internet! Other companies charge $120 for a custom pant pattern and $100 a pair for each pair of pants made from the custom pattern.

We make custom patterns for our customers at no extra charge. We hem to your inseam, flare or narrow pant legs, and will fit your hips and thighs and add to the waist if your waist is longer than normal for your hips, all at no extra charge. We are a bargain when you consider driving around, trying on pants in stores, paying for gasoline, store overhead, and retail markups. All sitter pants come with gripper squares running down from the waist to the crotch. A long strip of Velcro isn't comfortable going across the crotch. Gripper squares are easier to line up and close for a more comfortable feel and also provide a secure closure. Our fly goes down to within 1/2" of the leg seam so that you can comfortably use a urinal. We also offer Lower leg zippers.


  • Stretch Denim: 8-8.5 oz. 97% Cotton / 3% Lycra. Stretch denim may shrink or bleed in the wash and should be washed in cold water at first. Close any gripper squares before washing. This is a jean with extraordinary comfort for sitters. Works very well with side zippers.

  • Brushed Bull Denim: 10 oz. 100% Cotton. Medium weight non stretch denim. Has a soft feel because it is brushed after dying. Sturdy and handsome looking. Wears well. Soft to the touch. Feels like heavier twill. Very nice look. Pre-washed and colorfast for nursing homes.

  • Summer Denim: 8-8.5 oz. 100% Cotton. Light weight non stretch denim. Ideal for warmer weather.

Optional Side Zippers

Optional Side zippers are excellent for the person dressed by others. Our side zippers are heavy duty Vislan (vinyl), 30" long. They unzip to mid calf. A tab at the top holds the zipper shut. The front flops down when both side zippers are unzipped. Zippers are most successful in a stretchy fabric. These zippers are strong, and rarely break. We don't use long strips of Velcro inseams, which are stiff, hard to line up, noisy, and buckle on closure. If you order Side Zippers for your pants they will have a fake fly.

A Word about our Custom Sitter Pants

We cut and sew each pair of pants individually. We make adjustments on nearly every pair of pants we make. We depend on your interest in getting a good fit. We depend on your taking the time to measure your waist and hips in inches while lying down. The inseam, or leg length, in contrast, must be measured while sitting. Unless this is done carefully, you will be disappointed in the fit of the

We often adjust the pant to fit the customer's hips plus 4" of ease. This often means adding to the waist. The hip measurement is our benchmark. When the hips and the waist are the same size, or the waist is larger, we need to do special work to fit the person. This custom adjusted pant can not be returned. The most common mistake in pant measurements is getting too large a figure for the waist, hoping that a larger pant will be easier to get on and be more comfortable. When you put that pant on, you may comment that it could fit an elephant. Adding inches for comfort or ease of dressing is a big mistake. Our pant is already designed to be easy to get on, and making it too large will not help comfort.

When you are disappointed, you must remeasure correctly, spend $14-16 sending the pants back, make a long distance call to notify us of the return (we refuse any package about which we have not been notified), and patiently wait while the new order is done. It is less expensive and time consuming to measure.

Any customization to the pant (pockets, reversed fly, lower leg zippers, etc...) means that it can not be returned. It is unlikely that a man will have an inseam less than 28", and an inseam less than 28" can't be returned. If your hips are more than 52", we are sorry that we can't fit you. The largest pattern we use finishes with 56" hips. A pant this size requires special work, has wide thighs and legs, and uses over 4 yards of $8 per yard wholesale 8 ounce twill fabric. We use fine fabric and have decided not to charge what we would need to charge for a pant with hips over 56".

45"+ Sizing:

If your waist size is between 45" - 50" and your hips are between 47" - 52" we may be able to fit you. Refer to the chart below regarding the amount of fabric for the hips.

Your hip size:
Amount of fabric on hips:
47" 9" of ease. Extra fabric on hips.
48" 8" of ease. Generous fit; extra fabric.
49" 7" of ease. Extra fabric.
50" 6" of ease. Good amount.
51" 5" of ease. Regular fit.
52" 4" of ease. Slimmer fit hips.

Larger hips will have less fabric on the hips for ease. If you don't mind these measurements and would like to purchase a larger waist pant, call us and ask for 45"+ size pants. Please remember that due to the customization level of these pants they are not refundable. Please be sure of your waist, hip and inseam size. If you need help measuring, please refer to the "How to Measure for Pants & Shorts" section by clicking the tab above this description.

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