Adaptations By Adrian
Since 1993

Customizing individually made clothing for special needs. We strive to ease dressing challenges, of those working within physical limits, to help make daily lives more convenient and easier. Why? Some chair users have dressing challenges, such as uncooperative hands or legs, stiffness, or needing help adjusting clothes while toileting. Circulation problems create cold, swelling feet. A constant seated position creates pressure problems, sensitivity to seams, and the inability to wear store clothing. Come in and see us, as we try to solve these challenges!

We're happy to answer questions. You can call us for information. Sorry, we do not take orders over the phone.

Information phone line:
(760) 744-3565
PO Box 7
San Marcos, CA 92079

We are available Monday through Friday (except holidays):

7AM-3PM (HST) Hawaii

8AM-4PM (AKST) Alaska

9AM-5PM (PST) California

10AM-6PM (MST) Colorado

11AM-7PM (CST) Missouri

12PM-8PM (EST) New York