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Winter or Rain Cape (Custom Made)

Winter or Rain Cape (Custom Made)

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Pre-made capes may be available on Amazon.com. Click here to purchase pre-made capes.

Cape Types

Both of our Winter capes and Rain capes cover the chair.

Winter Cape - The outer layer is breathable waterproof Ultrex™ nylon and the inner lining is made of 300 weight Polartec™, patented to trap body heat, while it whisks moisture away. We offer the only winter capes on the internet with 300 weight lining and genuine waterproof breathable outers.

Rain Cape - The outer layer is breathable waterproof Ultrex™ nylon and the inner lining is made of Supplex™ which suits warmer weather where only waterproofing is needed.

We have many color combinations, since we custom make the capes, one by one. Our prices are quite reasonable when you consider the 3 1/2 to 4 yards each of the two expensive fabrics used, which are not found in fabric stores.

No arm insertion needed just lower and zip up. It has a 22" long front zipper for ease of entry, hood, and a shorter back. The cape back extends behind the chair and keeps backpacks dry and wind out.

Custom sewn and one of a kind. You won't meet anyone else with your identical cape!


Machine washable on warm. Close the zipper and use a giant mesh wash bag to keep the hood intact. Do not dry clean. Remove from dryer after 40 minutes and hang to finish drying. Returnable within 3 weeks of shipping. Individually sewn in the U.S. with U.S. materials. Capes last 10 years if properly cared for.

Wintercape & Raincape Size Chart
Size Approx Weight Approx Age Front Length Front Width Back Length
35 lbs
Extra Small
45 lbs
50-80 lbs
85-120 lbs
15 to adult
125-185 lbs
most adults
190-250 lbs
adults 6-ft tall

Questions asked by our customers:

How is the cape “anchored” when it’s windy outside, so it does not fly about? Also, how warm is it, that is, how low can the temperature be and still keep one warm?

Anchoring: We don’t have the ability to anticipate where anchors would go on different chairs. We ask the customer to purchase 3-4 velcro D ring straps at a hardware store and sew them on the cape where there is a bar to wrap the strap around. There are not too many places where the cape lined with Polartec will fly up- Chicago, San Francisco, and places close to water or to Canada. The problem with anchoring the cape is that the person will have to bend down to their feet to open the strap, possibly losing their balance, and it will make noise in the washing machine and dryer. If you have a large laundry sink, that would be better than listening to the clicks of the D ring in the washer. I don’t wash my capes very often. I spot clean them, and I take them out of the dryer after 20 minutes and hang them. You could also buy magnets and mount them on the cape and on the metal bars of the chair. The magnets will drive you crazy, as will curtain weights sewn into the lining. There is a drawback to every anchoring system, unfortunately. I used to open an oval in the back overlap for the headrest support bar, until I braked suddenly, and my son got the zipper head pushed into his throat-the cape was anchored to his chair, not able to move forward, as he was.

Temperature: How low the temperature can be while still keeping the person comfortable depends on how much body heat the person produces. 300 weight Polartec is rated at below zero, but some people don’t produce much body heat. We recommend that in bitter climates, or with a person around 100 pounds, people order a Polartec wrap to put under the cape. The wrap with the cape makes 600 weight Polartec, which should go to 30 below if the person puts the cape on 10 minutes before going out and lets the body heat up. The wrap is excellent alone for spring and fall. My son wears his every day. In the morning it’s 40 degrees, but in the afternoon it’s 80 degrees, so the wrap comes home draped over his backpack. The winter cape is too bulky to do that. The wrap washes beautifully, and goes everywhere with him.