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Absorbent Scarves (Set of 6)

Absorbent Terry Cloth Scarves Bibs - Set of 6 - Multiple Color Bibs - Adaptive Wheelchair Clothing

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Please note: Colors shown are representative. We vary our color selection for our customers, some of whom have ordered for over 20 years.

Stylish, sporty-looking terry scarves are more absorbent than vinyl, cotton, or fleece bibs. Our scarves will stand up to machine washing and drying! 5 different packages of 6 colors each. Each scarf has a thick 12 ounce pima cotton terry underside to drink up moisture and soft twill facing out. Sewn individually in the U.S.A from quality cotton twill and cotton (not polyester) terrycloth. 2 tucks create gathers to catch and absorb moisture at the source. Sold in sets of 6 so that you can change wet for dry all day. 4 snaps per side give great adjustability. On the last snap, the scarf drapes lower, and on the first, it hugs the neck. Smallest circumference is 14" (clings to the neck) and the largest is 28” (drapes on the chest). The longest side is 29” and the depth is 12”. Fits teenagers to adults. Machine wash warm and dry on permanent press setting.

Stylish, 2 layer, terry and twill adult scarves which actually do absorb moisture and are machine washable. Beware of cute bibs that are painted or contain decorations. Our scarves are useful for trachs, post accident, post- stroke, cerebral palsy, Rhett’s, Parkinsons, M S, brain injury, muscular dystrophy, frequent regurgitation, and any other condition where the muscular movements of the mouth are impaired or mucus builds up in the throat. Our scarves are made from fine fabric- 8 ounce twill and 12 ounce cotton terrycloth; there are two layers, sewn and turned, then top -stitched for durability. They last for years.

#711 - September Set - Set of 6 varied masculine colors - hunter green, black, navy, charcoal, chocolate, bright gray, olive, khaki, taupe, slate blue, etc. Wash with other dark-colored cottons- not socks or towels. A mesh laundry bag keeps lint away.

#712A - July Set - Set of 6 assorted bold feminine colors. May include one or two bright prints, such as a floral. Hot pink, purple, turquoise, red, green teal, royal blue, and various checks (red, bright blue, neon green, etc.)

#712B - July Set - Set of 6 assorted bright masculine colors. Red, black, purple, dark blue, orange, bright green, bright blue, and/or various bold masculine prints, such as a navy batik, check, or geometrical design.

#713 - May Set - Set of 6 assorted feminine pastel colors, such as pale yellow, pale green, pale blue, pink, lavender, mauve, and/or a tiny print, usually floral. Wash with other light-colored cottons. A mesh laundry bag in the washer will keep them looking nice.

#714 - Navy Set - Set of 6 assorted navy scarves. 8 ounce navy chino twill with first quality 12 ounce navy terrycloth from Pakistan.

#716 - Pinks & Purples Set - Set of 3 pink and 3 purple scarves, assorted pink (light pink to hot pink) and purple (light purple to dark purple) colors in solid colors and/or prints.

Colors in sets vary so that repeat customers have variety. Photos of scarves are only a representation of the colors/prints we offer. Prints are never tiny animals or cartoon figures. Various competitors’ bibs are sold singly for about $20. Our scarves are sold in set of 6 for $70 (about $11 each).

Beware of “cute” triangle bibs made of flannel, sweatshirt fleece, polyester terrycloth, or “absorbent” cotton. Polyester towels do not absorb. While babies outgrow their drooling, our customers are adults whose inability to close the mouth completely may be lasting. Neither flannel nor sweatshirt fleece absorb nearly as well terrycloth. Some bibs are made of a special cotton fabric that absorbs its weight in moisture. It swells as it absorbs, a safety hazard. Makers warn not to leave the person alone, let them chew on the bib, or fall asleep wearing it. Our absorbent scarves are sporty, not glamorous. The entire scarf absorbs, not just part. There are no scratchy decorations. It is soft, and large enough to cover an expanse of the chest, or to pull up to dab the chin.